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Is your refrigerator acting up? Fret not – our refrigerator repair service is here to breathe new life into your trusty appliance. We understand the pivotal role your fridge plays in your daily life, and when it falters, it can be a real inconvenience. That’s where our dedicated team steps in, ready to tackle any issue and restore your refrigerator to optimal performance.

Freezer Repair Services

Beyond fridges, we specialize in comprehensive freezer repair services. From temperature issues to malfunctioning ice makers, our technicians are equipped to handle all freezer-related concerns, restoring optimal freezing capabilities.

General Maintenance for Fridges and Freezers:

Extend the life of your appliances with our comprehensive maintenance services. From door seals to lighting systems, our general maintenance ensures optimal performance.

Ice Maker Repair

Specialized service for addressing issues with your refrigerator's ice maker. From troubleshooting to part replacements, we ensure your ice maker operates seamlessly, providing a consistent supply of ice for your convenience.

We have always used a Service Call/Diagnostic fee. It's a flat and upfront fee.

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Discover why our customers in NC and SC trust us for their appliance repair needs. Read testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced our exceptional service firsthand.

Linda Hafar
Linda Hafar
Billy worked quickly and efficiently, the dryer is good again!
S Pressley
S Pressley
Billy is fantastic. I've never had anyone as good and as thorough as Billy. He truly goes the extra mile to locate the problem and make sure everything is working properly before he puts parts back together. He is so easy to talk to and allows me to ask lots of questions. He is a top notch employee!! Great customer service.
E Ann Mann
E Ann Mann
The service tech was prompt, efficient and friendly! Appreciated his expertise as he quickly identified and repaired the issue! Would recommend AS Appliance to anyone needing an appliance repaired! This is the 3rd time I’ve had them come for a repair of an appliance (a different appliance each time) & every experience has been extremely positive!
Judy King
Judy King
Very professional
Julia Puckett
Julia Puckett
Noah is professional, nice and gets his work done quickly.
Arnaldo was great! Had the part and fixed the dryer the same day.
Colleen Berrio
Colleen Berrio
Customer service is top knotch! Technician was pleasant and knowledgeable!
Heath Wise
Heath Wise
Noah went above and beyond to fix my dryer. He stayed late and kept working until he got it fixed. He kept me informed and was very professional. I would highly recommend him and the business that hired him.
Elijah Johnston
Elijah Johnston
Arnaldo was great, very knowledgable and efficient. I had a persisting issue with our freezer, he came over at the scheduled time, diagnosed, and fixed it all up. He even gave me clear recommendations on how to maintain my appliances moving forward. Very positive experience, would recommend.
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Your certified Whirlpool appliance experts in NC and SC. As authorized technicians, we specialize in swift and precise repairs, using genuine Whirlpool parts. Trust us for top-notch service, bringing your appliances back to peak performance

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With years of experience, we are a dedicated team providing top-notch appliance repair services in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our skilled technicians are committed to delivering reliable and prompt solutions for all your appliance needs.

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FAQ About Laundry Appliances repair

Regular cleaning of your refrigerator coils is essential for optimal performance. It is recommended to clean the coils at least twice a year to ensure efficient heat exchange and prevent dust buildup.

  • Importance of Cleaning Refrigerator Coils:
    1. Energy Efficiency: Dirty coils force the compressor to work harder, increasing energy consumption.
    2. Longevity: Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of your refrigerator by preventing overworking of components.
    3. Temperature Regulation: Clean coils facilitate proper heat dissipation, maintaining consistent internal temperatures.

A leaking refrigerator can be a cause for concern, but it’s a common issue with various possible solutions. Begin by identifying the source and taking appropriate measures.

  • Addressing a Leaking Refrigerator:
    1. Check the Defrost Drain: Ensure the defrost drain is clear of debris, allowing proper drainage.
    2. Inspect the Water Line: Examine water supply lines for leaks, tightening connections if necessary.
    3. Level the Appliance: Ensure the refrigerator is level to prevent water accumulation in the drip pan.

Unusual noises coming from your refrigerator can be disruptive and may indicate underlying issues. Identifying the cause is crucial for prompt resolution.

  • Troubleshooting Noises:
    1. Check for Leveling: Uneven leveling can lead to vibrations; adjust the leveling legs to stabilize the appliance.
    2. Inspect the Condenser Fan: A malfunctioning condenser fan may produce loud noises; examine and replace if needed.
    3. Evaluate Compressor Operation: Abnormal compressor sounds may signify potential issues, requiring professional assessment.

Unpleasant odors in your refrigerator can impact the freshness of your food. Taking preventive measures is key to maintaining a clean and odor-free appliance.

  • Odor Prevention Measures:
    1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the interior, shelves, and drawers with a mixture of baking soda and water to eliminate odors.
    2. Proper Food Storage: Seal foods tightly to prevent odors from spreading, and promptly discard expired items.
    3. Activated Charcoal: Place an open box of activated charcoal in the fridge to absorb and neutralize lingering odors.

Inadequate cooling is a common issue that may stem from various factors. Diagnosing the problem step by step can help identify and address the root cause.

  • Troubleshooting Cooling Issues:
    1. Check Temperature Settings: Ensure the thermostat is set to the recommended temperature for optimal cooling.
    2. Inspect the Evaporator Coils: Frost buildup on coils may impede cooling; defrost if necessary or replace faulty coils.
    3. Assess Door Seals: Damaged door seals can allow warm air in; replace seals if they show signs of wear or damage.
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